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MAX SERVICE is a company wholly dedicated to helping their Clients develop creative and innovative designs and installations for their visual merchandising concepts.  MAX SERVICE’s Mission Statement is to be the Leader in the visual merchandising field.  As a Client, you concentrate on your products and we will do the rest.  In the following is an idea of the services and products we are able to provide.  Please refer to the link below in order to view a more in-depth PORTFOLIO.


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Thanks to our Global Sourcing operation both in Europe and China, we are able to be constantly innovative, and can guarantee an increased production capacity through our broad variety of suppliers, who will act in tandem with each other.  This allows us to manage the production globally.  All suppliers, are subject to an initial quality control, followed by periodic controls during the production cycle, so as to maintain the highest levels required, while still offering competitive prices.  Our secret weapon is our global locations, which allows us to offer both competitively priced products and the highest service in terms of logistics.  Our carefully selected staff constantly monitor and control the internal processes from Project Design, Quality Control, Logistics and its administration.

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Aquisition, Sales and Distibution

MAX SERVICE is specialised and dedicated to managing the entire process:

Acquisition of window materials from chosen suppliers

Sales of window materials to the End User

Quality control of the products on receipt from the suppliers

Sorting and packing each individual order into one shipment

Shipping individual orders to the End User, using the most appropriate cost/time solution

After delivery assistance to the individual End User

Stocking of standard products to allow a faster turnaround.

MAX SERVICE acts on behalf of their Clients, removing any headaches which could be caused by any potential supply or logistical issues.  The distribution process becomes time and cost effective and is regularly checked in order to maintain the ideal Benchmark.

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MAX SERVICE can provide design solutions for the Visual Merchandising requirements of our Clients, as well as help in developing a Client’s existing ideas and images. MAX SERVICE has access to In-House architects, prototype designers, set designers, and lighting specialists, using cutting edge technology and a wealth of knowledge and expertise which will satisfy the most diverse Client need.  MAX SERVICE can transform your sales space, making it into a space for information, exhibition and communication, while still maintaining the flexibility and adaptability of the modern retail world requirements.

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For us, the world has no boundaries: We produce and distribute to all parts of the world.  We have hubs both in Italy and Asia to ensure we are always close to our clients.  For this strategic advantage, we have staffed offices in:

Emilia Romagna in Italy, and Guangdong Province in China

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MAX SERVICE S.r.l. ITALIA Piazzale delle Nazioni 78 41011 Campogalliano (MO) Centralino: +39 059 528341 Amministrazione: +39 059 528622 Fax: +39 059 528353 maxservice@maxservice.it MAX SERVICE HONG KONG Sunshine Kowloon Bay Cargo Center 3/F Godown ”A” 59 Tai Yip Street Kowloon Bay, Kowloon info@maxservicehongkong.com . MAX SERVICE CHINA Floor 2, No 64, Shamian Rd Guangzhou 510130 People’s Republic of China . .

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