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A professional team of experts is in charge of all the necessary processes for the production and the distribution of the materials used for the window dressing, specifically for the fashion industry.

Max Services completes its range of services proposing new concepts expressing our customers’ brands and values. A team of architects supports the customer to develop innovative projects in tune with the brand philosophy. On the basis of several briefings with the customers, Max Services aims at the creation of a strategic and stimulating concept for the image of the products.

The design is proposed through simple renderings, 3D modeling, full or small-scale prototyping, 4D Web Surfing. Max Services is provided with an important network of highly selected suppliers, able to work various material types. The company relies on a network of local and Asian producers who are constantly followed by a team dedicated to the qualitative and functional assessment of the products.

The diversification of the Italian and Asian productive areas, gives us the opportunity of a constant monitoring on the overall costs of production.
Max Services works through two different distribution platforms:

MAX SERVICES SRL Reggiolo for the Italian and European productions.
MAX SERVICE HONGKONG LTD for the Asian productions.

Our society takes advantage of a specialized team of assemblers, offering a complete turnkey service, including the setting up and the testing of the window dressing materials and shop fittings.